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Adult martial arts for 15 years and over

Elite Skillz is adults martial arts, training in mixed martial arts (MMA) and Freestyle Kickboxing incorporating sparring, knife defence, martial arts weapons, ground defence and self-defence.

Grading is offered with club certificates in mixed martial arts (M.M.A), kali/escrima and belt grades with the World United Martial Arts Federation (W.U.M.A) in Freestyle Martial Arts. Gradings take place three times a year. 

Once a student achieves the required standard, martial arts competition with W.U.M.A is also available at club, regional, national and international levels, in light touch/semi contact kickboxing and martial arts forms (weapons, team and empty hand). In competition students at Festival Martial Arts have come second in the WUMA English Open Championships in the team weapons category.

Class time is Thursday 21:00 to 22:00


For more information please contact us.

Leadership skills and instructor training

The Storm Team comes under the umbrella of Skillz Martial Arts.  The Storm Team is made up of the club's instructors, assistant and trainee instructors. There is a full course of certified ongoing training in leadership and instructing skills. If a student is doing well enough and joining the team would be beneficial to the student, then the student will be invited to join the Storm Team, working towards Skillz instructor certification and ultimately assistant coach qualification with W.U.M.A.Contact us for more information.